SOW :: School On Wheels

School on Wheels (SOW) is a thought and a soon-to-be reality. To travel (to migrate to relate it in better sense) is part and parcel of living organisms, the only thing is, earlier we used to travel for satisfying our physical hunger and today we do it to satisfy our mental hunger to know new places, things and people. The process is more simplified but with complex purposes.

 At SOW the traveling philosophy of life blends with our formal learning systems. Most of the learned people known in our history have had gained incredible knowledge while they were on move. Through SOW journeys will act as multiple-teaching points and the life will be turned into a live class rooms.  

The programme will create immense possibilities for following learning experiences for the students:
1. Focus on the “now”
2. Embrace the ordinary
3. Push your comfort levels
4. Stay flexible

The programme structure has been developed and will be launched soon.

School on wheels