GEC - Climate Change Communication Project

Project Brief:

Hara Pitara Hara Pitara

As a part of environmental communication for  climate  change  WAY conceptualized  and developed  an  animation  film  of  8  minutes  in Hindi (with English subtitles) on  simpler understanding about climate change for school students. Under the project WAY conceived  and  designed  three  booklets  on  climate  change targeting  school  children  of  7th  to  12th standard.  The book was developed in 2 languages and 3 versions. One  among  them  is  in English,  targeting  the  urban  English medium school  students,  other  two  were  in Gujarati;  targeting  the  rural  schools  and Gujarati medium  school students of urban areas.

Following were the final products of this project:

hara Pitara

1. “Hara Pitara” – animation film on global warmin
2. “Its hot & its happening” – booklet on global warming in English
3. “ Vicharyu nahi to vicharo havey” - booklet on global warming in Gujarati - rural
4. “ Vicharyu nahi to vicharo havey” - booklet on global warming in Gujarati - urban

hara Pitara

The content of these communications were based on the findings of research study. Before designing content of the above mentioned communication materials WAY had conducted a communication research on understanding the existing knowledge and awareness of climate change among teachers and students. Nearly 600 students and 50 teachers from rural and urban parts of Gujarat were surveyed under this study.

Broad objectives of the research study were:

• To find out level of awareness among rural and urban students on global warming.
• To find out the knowledge of students from urban and rural schools on global warming.
• To find out the awareness and knowledge level of teachers of both rural and urban schools.