HSF School

Project brief:
World Around You researched and developed an exposure programme on Eco-tourism for students of HSF School of Foreign Languages. The School believes in variety of methodologies to impart liberal education like Case Studies, Workshops, Seminars, Role Plays, Exposure Visits, Field Trips, Lecture Discussions, Presentations, Research Projects and other activities. With a  view  to  impart  exposure  to multi-disciplinary  courses  complemented with  practical exposure,  the concept of  ‘Discover  India Programme’ was developed.

Based on the understanding generated from secondary information, a rough route itinerary including both the states was prepared and a detailed reconnaissance survey was conducted. The team traveled nearly 3000 kms covering Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to find relevant places and its information. A report was developed and compiled to provide in-depth information about the places, suggested itineraries, photographs of the places, information about accommodation and activities.  The final report contained Rajasthan major and Madhya Pradesh minor circuits.